Squishy Painting Fun Day

Columbus Day = a stay at home day with my Grandaughter!
I’ve been itching for a painting project to do with her, but what does one do with an 8 month old….so searching out Pinterest for ideas I came across this great, safe, and clean idea to do with her.
Supplies that are needed:

Locking plastic bags
Art paper
Acrylic paints

Cut art paper to fit in the zip locking plastic bags.
Add a couple of colors of paint and making sure the bag locks tightly closed.
Let your little one have fun squishing the colors around. You can talk to them about how the paint feels to them and also teach them the colors they are painting with. At this age just make sure they don’t put the bag in there mouth…it’s a big thing with little ones putting everything in their mouths…and I believe I got a good waist workout too…she kept throwing it on the floor! Looking forward to each new art days as she grows!



The project was fun to do…but we only had 1 out 3 that was successful. I think what we learned was not to use cheap paper and to take the papers out to dry as soon as possible. You can have a great background to doodle on or just frame as your little one has just created their first abstract painting!



About myartfuljourneybycarolkutz

Self taught artist and photographer. New to Art Journals, Doodling, Mixed Media and Watercolors. Finding something interesting and or beautiful to photograph always brings me great pleasures! Fighting for my life everyday and battling Metastatic Melanoma since May of 2012.....Art and Photography has brought happiness, joy, color and peace back into my life! Standing Strong with the help of friends, family and God! I will live and not die, I am Blessed and not cursed, I am a victor not a victim.
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