Friday Night Doodles

Feathers appear when Angels are near!



Have been wanting to draw a feather for a very long time, but was hesitant that I could not do it…found this feather on my walk earlier this week, washed it and as it was drying I got it to pull apart…have been staring at it for days…
Well tonight after work I visited a very dear friend’s Mother who is in the hospital…she needs your prayers…I know and pray that God and his Angels are near!
Used my Micron black pens 02, 03 and lightly shadowed with my Pentel Graphgear pencil 0.3 HB.



About myartfuljourneybycarolkutz

Self taught artist and photographer. New to Art Journals, Doodling, Mixed Media and Watercolors. Finding something interesting and or beautiful to photograph always brings me great pleasures! Fighting for my life everyday and battling Metastatic Melanoma since May of 2012.....Art and Photography has brought happiness, joy, color and peace back into my life! Standing Strong with the help of friends, family and God! I will live and not die, I am Blessed and not cursed, I am a victor not a victim.
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