Tissue Paper Collage Tutorial

Tissue Paper Collage

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Back in February of Week 6, I posted my tip in page on The Documented Life Project. It was a tissue paper collage inspired by Päivi Eerola. I found her tutorial about creating tissue paper art on her blog http://www.peonyandparakeet.com/blog/. This is what I created from her teachings…There were a group of  ladies, back in February, that wanted to know how I created this page…I’m one of the biggest procrastinators, I could be the Grand Puba of them all, but I would never get around posting the first meetings…so finally sitting down and putting my first little tutorial of how I created this page!

Harper 016

I sat down and painted my background with a few colors from my watercolor palette on a piece of watercolor paper…caution…tea cup and brush rinse water glass close together can be a hazard….brushes rinsed in tea cup can happen without notice…use non-toxic paints if you plan on having tea or coffee as you work!

Tissue Paper Blog Post 031

As your painted paper dries, find some light color tissue papers I used, pinks, yellows and white tissue paper. It’s fun to experiment on all color papers, but I used light color ones for this project!  Alcohol based markers with the tissue paper give you the best of color. They don’t blend together and make muddy colors…they just make beautiful colorful papers. I used Prismacolor Markers, but any type of alcohol base markers will work fine! I scattered different colors all over the paper…if you don’t use it all you will have extra for other projects or to send in Happy Mail exchanges!

Tissue Paper Blog Post 033

Have a few different sizes of sharp scissors on hand for cutting out the very thin paper…come up with an idea that you might want to work into your artwork…I had flowers in mind so I cut out several different shapes for whimsical flowers and also cut out some leaf shapes to accent the stems.

Tissue Paper Blog Post 035

Next I used Mod Podge but any medium that will adhere your tissue cutouts onto your background paper will work, glue stick, matte medium, gesso, etc…the mod podge was all I had in the house at the time. I scattered them as if they were growing in a garden. Let dry real well before going to the next step. Hair dryers or art dryers can be used to speed up the process.

Tissue Paper Blog Post 043

I used a black Sharpie Pen to add my stems of the flowers onto the paper…after that I randomly attached the leaves the same way I did the flowers in the previous step. Again wait till your picture is fully dry before advancing to the next step.

Tissue Paper Blog Post 044

This is where the Magic begins….your creativity can be set loose on your picture….I used the Sharpie Marker, White gelliroll pen, Derwent Inktense Watercolor pencils, watercolor base crayon, and distressing ink pads. I had fun doodling and adding touches to enhance the flowers with the black Sharpie pen, making them bloom and come to life! I used the Inktese pencils to add color to the doodled edges of the flowers, the gelliroll pen to accent the flowers and leaves to make them pop! The watercolor crayon and ink pads were used on the background paper to give a vignette grungy look to the edges.

Tissue Paper Blog Post 055_1

Tissue Paper Blog Post 051

I hope this tutorial has helped to inspire you to try this type of collage work! Please feel free to comment or ask questions…and please share your art work here with me so we can see what came out of your inspirations!


About myartfuljourneybycarolkutz

Self taught artist and photographer. New to Art Journals, Doodling, Mixed Media and Watercolors. Finding something interesting and or beautiful to photograph always brings me great pleasures! Fighting for my life everyday and battling Metastatic Melanoma since May of 2012.....Art and Photography has brought happiness, joy, color and peace back into my life! Standing Strong with the help of friends, family and God! I will live and not die, I am Blessed and not cursed, I am a victor not a victim.
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19 Responses to Tissue Paper Collage Tutorial

  1. Mike Cunliffe says:

    BRAVA ! What can`t you do?

  2. Sue Maher says:

    So inspiring Carol, this is just gorgeous! Thank you for your great tutorial. The step by step photographs are easy to follow and I’m putting this technique on my must do list!

  3. Kelly Warren says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Deanna says:

    Awesome! I am SO new to this type of creating that I have trouble visualizing anything. Thank you for the tutorial! I will trying my hand at this soon.

  5. twinkletoes2day says:

    Wow Carol, this is gorgeous and your tutorial is so clear to follow, even I could do it and I’m no use at collage 😀 I hope I get chance to create a page and will share it here if I do 😀 Thank you for taking the time to do the photos ❤ 😀 xo

  6. Martha says:

    Your tutorial makes me want to grab some tissue paper and markers and try this. I love all the details you included.. You are very talented. Thanks for posting this on Daisy Yellow too.

    • So happy to inspire you to try this type of collage…it really is fun to see how the markers take to the tissue paper…I love the Daisy Yellow group…so many great people, great ideas and Tammy makes it a fun place for all of us!

  7. alwaysnetty says:

    Oh yeah this is in my bookmarks now. Its really pretty and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Elizabeth Kaplan says:

    I have a full drawer of tissue paper and recently finished collecting 42 Spectrum Noir alcohol pens over several months. I can’t wait to hit the studio! Thanks so much for posting. 💗

  9. Paula Dougherty says:

    I book marked this last week and just got around to viewing your tutorial. Amazing! I have used tissue before but never like this. Thank you for this tutorial and hope to try really soon.

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