Standing Strong

Tomorrow marks one more important day in my life…I will be meeting with my Doctor at NYU Clinical Cancer Center in New York City. Saturday I had my routine PET/CT scans…they are set for every 3 months.

I’ve found happiness and comfort this past year through art therapy as I learn to stand strong, be brave and have faith that all will be ok!

Choosing the tree to be my theme of strength of a positive life has been a great comfort to draw, paint and share with others that also need encouragement to get through their storm also!

I’ve just approached my 2nd year of surviving Metatastic Malignant Melanoma…so tomorrow I have faith and hope that this will be my 2nd good scan report of N.E.D. (No evidence of disease).

Sharing my year long photos of my Standing Strong Trees for a forest of strength to tell this cancer…”I will live and not die. I am blessed and I cannot be cursed. I’m a victor and not a victim.”









About myartfuljourneybycarolkutz

Self taught artist and photographer. New to Art Journals, Doodling, Mixed Media and Watercolors. Finding something interesting and or beautiful to photograph always brings me great pleasures! Fighting for my life everyday and battling Metastatic Melanoma since May of 2012.....Art and Photography has brought happiness, joy, color and peace back into my life! Standing Strong with the help of friends, family and God! I will live and not die, I am Blessed and not cursed, I am a victor not a victim.
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