Second Guessing Your Art?

Do you think your art is not very good…

You can’t find a style that pleases you…

Your always comparing your work to someone better…

Well stop thinking this way…Stop second guessing your Art…just enjoy your own journey!

Yesterday I stopped at my local Library to pick up books for my granddaughter. There are so many to choose from! As I was breezing through many different books, looking for colorful and easy books to share with a 10 month old, I realized there is a lot of artwork that made me feel pretty good about mine….it’s amazing what has been published! Now I’m not saying it’s bad, but it did make me feel good about where I’m heading in my own development of art!

image (2)

I also found another book for myself in the adult non-fiction section to help with my self teachings!

image (3)

So Now…if your feeling bad about your work or uninspired…go hang out in your local library and spend some time in the Children’s Books! Lots there to lift your spirits and inspire your next projects!

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Spring Ahead…

Spring Thoughts

I know the Holiday Season of Joy is upon us…but I can’t help thinking about Spring doodles…

Would be so happy if Fall went right into Spring….I could skip Winter season, but I love wearing boots…lol….sometimes we are never satisfied!

image (1)

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Routine Strength

Standing Strong

Back in the City to NYU Clinical Cancer Center…

Easy Peasy visit today! Just a dozen or so blood draws and a physical to make sure nothing new has popped up!

A new tree for my Tree of Life series of Standing Strong against Cancer!


Drawing a tree before tests, hospital or doctor visits help calm me and keep me focus on positive headings. And it just makes me happy to draw and gives me inspiration when I am blocked of ideas!


Do my trees help you stand strong in the middle of your storms?

What helps keep you strong during tough times?

i hope you can find something that will give you strength and power over your worries!

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Tuesday Tea

8851 a copy (1 of 1) copy

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Squishy Painting Fun Day

Columbus Day = a stay at home day with my Grandaughter!
I’ve been itching for a painting project to do with her, but what does one do with an 8 month old….so searching out Pinterest for ideas I came across this great, safe, and clean idea to do with her.
Supplies that are needed:

Locking plastic bags
Art paper
Acrylic paints

Cut art paper to fit in the zip locking plastic bags.
Add a couple of colors of paint and making sure the bag locks tightly closed.
Let your little one have fun squishing the colors around. You can talk to them about how the paint feels to them and also teach them the colors they are painting with. At this age just make sure they don’t put the bag in there mouth…it’s a big thing with little ones putting everything in their mouths…and I believe I got a good waist workout too…she kept throwing it on the floor! Looking forward to each new art days as she grows!



The project was fun to do…but we only had 1 out 3 that was successful. I think what we learned was not to use cheap paper and to take the papers out to dry as soon as possible. You can have a great background to doodle on or just frame as your little one has just created their first abstract painting!


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Standing Strong

The Tree of Life stands strong not just for me today but for a Facebook friends sister who had undergone a radical surgery yesterday for breast cancer….the field of flowers is to let her know that many of us are planted in faith for her! So please keep Karen in your prayers today!

Today is another doctors appointment for me…my 3 month check in with my dermatologist. Praying that the knife is not part of today’s visit!

Now on a happier note…I tried a new technique with my watercolors and will work on my second photo tutorial of how I got some of the effects in the background of this picture…




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Finding Your Next Inspiration

Sometimes I find my inspiration fire has dwindled down to ashes and think what will spark the creative flame again…never stop looking around you for what just might inspire your next projects…we took our Granddaughter shopping one day and found these beautiful botanical art prints in Nordstroms….my cell phone is always ready to catch an artful inspiration…I should call it my cell camera…I use the camera much more then using it as phone…

IMG_1677.JPGThese snap shots were taken a few weeks back but have never left the right side of my brain…I’m fired up now to learn more about botanical art, structure and shading and to bring in more color and make the flowers a bit more whimsical!IMG_1675.JPGBeen searching the big book stores online and there are so many books on this subject….if anyone has any good references I’m open to your suggestions…found only 3 books at Barnes & Noble Friday night and bought all 3, they made me a very happy girl! I usually buy from the used book listings which can be bought for much less but could not resist the excitement of starting my new inspirations!IMG_1676.JPGJust a quick sketching in my art journal from a botanical print I found on Pinterest…as my Mom’s college art teacher would tell her…”it’s a good beginning” 

Will love searching these books for my next project…books, tea, sketching book…my favorite time of the day!

Where have you found inspiration lately?


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